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Fathers Day with the Wyong Cake Palace

Fathers Day is a time of year to show your dad that you appreciate him. It's a graet time for family and friends to get together to reminisce on the good times and the funny times. Whether he was the good cop or the bad cop when you were growing up, it's the perfect time to order some delicious treats to share with everyone.

This year - being our first year of operation during Fathers Day, we have listened to our customers. We have had so much feedback and special requests from our regular clients about Fathers Day ideas. Our three options that we have available hit all the spots. A six pack for the small gatherings which is the large majority of us all during this lockdown season. A 12 pack of cupcakes / cookies to share with our larger family, or if you know one just isn't enough!


A customised cake... I have not seen this offered anywhere before!! BUT what a great idea. A custom six inch cake with an edible image of YOUR family on the top. We have a design team (my partner) who will edit the image to suit the cake and add the words, "Happy Fathers Day!", to give it that extra touch. During lockdown, I'm sure we have all grown closer together, and with this cake, it will be a year to remember forever.

Depending on the amount of orders we recieve, orders are unfortunatley limited, so please get in quick. Don't leave it until last minute!! (Like the 20+ men that ordered Valentines Cupcakes midnight, the night of Valentines Day!!! - HaHa)

As always, we are so thankful to be sharing this time of year with you all.

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