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Wet, Windy and Wild Wyong

Over the past week we have seen some devastating floods in our area. Here at the Palace, we have been lucky, but some of our friends and family, not so much.

After almost a week of torrential rain, cold and gloomy conditions, watching and listening to the weather reposts and the statistics on the devastation only 12 months after the previous flood in 2020. I was saddened for the families losing their homes, their income and their sanity trying to navigate through this difficult time.

On the upside though, I was intrigued and humbled by the reports of recues, assistance and help provided by the NSW SES Wyong unit. After hearing about the combined efforts by the Wyong and Gosford units assisting over ONE THOUSAND family’s across the central coast and completing over 40 flood rescues I wanted to know more about the work they did and the amazing people who donate their time and risk their lives to help others.

So today, I visited the Wyong SES unit along with my eldest son, Lachlan who’s school is currently closed due to the floods. We certainly didn’t go empty handed and we delivered over 60 cupcakes to sweeten their day and show our appreciation for all their work.

We met the wonderful Jorge Morley and he kindly gave us a grand tour of the unit and WOW! I was honestly blown away. For people who don’t really know what the SES do (me included, at the time) I was so surprised by the logistics and the Volunteers that make up such a fabulous Unit.

We were privileged to be able to walk through the whole centre seeing the meeting rooms, the Ops centre, all the machinery, trucks, rescue boats, even the cages and crates for animal rescues. It was certainly all systems go and learning that all SES workers are volunteers including the Chief of the unit. I was so grateful to be in the presence of these amazing men and women.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the Killarney Vale Bombers and the Terrigal Rugby Union club for their contribution also. They were definitely getting a good hard work out filling sandbags and assisting where they could. This is the time that communities need to come together and support one another. It’s times like these that make me proud to be a new small business in the Wyong Shire!

Thank you to all the Volunteers at the NSW SES Wyong Unit for your contribution to our community. The time you donate and the assistance you give to so many is greatly appreciated. I hope our Palace donation makes your day just a little bit sweeter.

Keep eating Cake!



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