Market 2259

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

On Sunday 13th June we held our first stall at the NEW Market 2259. If you do not already know about these markets, they are held every second Sunday of the month at the Wyong Racecourse! There are so many amazing stalls with some really interesting goods for sale. It is definitely worth a look!

Being a new business in the Wyong Shire and with our shop not yet open, we were unsure of how the day would progress. This was our very FIRST market and our first opportunity to have our mixed flavoured cupcakes on sale. Excited to finally showcase some of our amazing flavours we headed to market with around 300 cupcakes. Thinking this would be plenty for a full day of meeting new people and sweetening a chilly Sunday.

Set and ready to go by 8.30am we had a few stall holders grab a sneaky box of two prior to the public rush. We met so many lovely stall holders also ready for a big day.

9 am – Markets are open for business; we couldn’t believe the amount of people walking through the market so early. Rugged up, smiling and enjoying their Sunday. Adults and kids everywhere, checking out the array of items available. Our cupcakes were a massive hit, literally flying off the shelves, in packs of twelve, six, even doubles and singles all boxed ready for families to enjoy on their return home. Some enjoyed theirs straight away with their coffee as they were just too delicious not to!

Come a mere 80 minutes later – SOLD OUT! WOW!!!!! We couldn’t believe it… 300 cupcakes sold in just over an hour! We were shocked! Absolutely baffled… but also so excited! We are so thrilled everyone enjoyed their sweet treats. For those, and there were many, that missed out. We are so sorry! I know there were many clients heading down to the market specifically to grab a box and unfortunately, we were sold out.

Looking back on the weekend I remember thinking to myself on the Saturday night I think I’ve made too many, what on earth am I going to do with all these cupcakes come Monday? Never in my dreams did I expect to be SOLD OUT in just over an hour. Still today, I cannot believe it! The support from our local community has been amazing and we thank everyone who has followed our journey thus far. We cannot wait to welcome you all to the shop for more sweet treats, coffee, tea and some exciting events. Keep watch for more updates!

Until next time. Keep eating cake!



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